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    • BR News Grab 1 - James Treble (2.03MB wav file)
      New research shows that 76% of businesses think reducing waste is part of being a sustainable and ethical business, yet a surprising 58% keep virtually no records on their waste management.
    • BR News Grab 2 - James Treble (2.12MB wav file)
      About one-third of small to medium businesses recognise they don't have the knowledge to improve their waste and recycling practices, and this is where tools like Planet Ark's Business Recycling website and hotline can help.
    • BR News Grab 3 - James Treble (2.12MB wav file)
      Three out of four Australian businesses believe that good waste management improves the public perception of the company, and they also report an increased ability to attract and retain talented employees.
    • BR News Grab 4 - James Treble (1.92MB wav file)
      Having an environmental strategy is something that more and more clients expect. 43% of outsourcing companies find that green factors play a role in the selection process of their clients.
    • BR News Grab 5 - James Treble (2.64MB wav file)
      A worrying statistic is that 68% of NSW businesses think that they are already doing all they can in regards to waste management and recycling, yet statewide 2.5 million tonnes of business waste is still going to landfill.
    • Business Recycling Radio CSA (2.75MB wav file)
    • James Treble for Planet Ark's Business Recycling 2016 CSA (5.54MB wav file)

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