Signage and Posters

To help you encourage colleagues and customers to recycle correctly, we have made the full range of ‘Do the Right Thing - Use the Right Bin' signage freely available to you.

Businesses, councils and government departments are welcome to use the signs for free providing they are not changed without permission. The QLD Government developed the signs and we thank them for making this resource available for all to use.

Click on the categories to browse signage, and click on the thumbnails to download (please note they are print quality, so may take a few minutes to download):


Benefits of recycling posters


Paper & cardboard


Co mingled

co-mingled-1 co-mingled-5 co-mingled-3 co-mingled-7 co-mingled-8 co-mingled-4 co-mingled-2 co-mingled-6 co-mingled-9 co-mingled-13 co-mingled-10 co-mingled-11 co-mingled-12 co-mingled-14 vert-banner-glass-plastic-alum.png co-mingled-14 co-mingled-14 co-mingled-14 co-mingled-14 co-mingled-14 co-mingled-14


Glass & Plastic


Metals and e-waste



Food and Garden Scraps




The NSW EPA also has a range of signage on their website.

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