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This site lists recycling options for around 90 different materials. Use the 'Search for service' function to the left of this page to find recyclers near you. If you're a recycler you can list your services by filling out the online registration form.

How Much Is Nature Worth?
How much money are Australian workers prepared to give up to have greater contact with nature at work? How do indoor plants affect productivity? What do they do for air quality? How many workers can't see the sky or a single potted plant from their workstation? All of these questions are answered in Planet Ark's new report titled Valuing Trees - What is Nature Worth? - launched in the run up to National Tree Day.

Aussie, Recycled and Certified
Office paper is probably the most recycled material in Australian workplaces. But when it comes to using recycled office paper things aren't so good. Less than one in six reams of paper bought include any recycled content. There are three things for you, or your purchasing manager, should look for to make the right paper choice.

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