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This site lists recycling options for around 90 different materials. Use the 'Search for service' function to the left of this page to find recyclers near you. If you're a recycler you can list your services by filling out the online registration form.

Fling Those Files for Free Recycled Paper
Paper is the largest contributor to solid waste generated by workplaces and although paper has a high recycling rate, there are literally thousands of tonnes of paper stored in folders, files and drawers that will never be used again. Workplaces can host a Friday File Fling on 14th November as an easy-to-organise, positive way to engage colleagues and to get good quality paper back into circulation. The first 1,000 registrants will receive a free ream of Reflex White 100% Recycled paper.

Positive Social Proof - Behaviour Change Made Easy
They're common in almost all workplaces, the sign telling people to turn the lights off when they leave a room or the e-mail bemoaning the mess in the kitchen. But what's written on that sign or in the e-mail can have a significant impact on how effective it is and whether it has a positive or a negative impact.

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