Step-By-Step Toolkit

Staff recycling in the kitchen mixed bin © Zo Zhou

Employee toolkit © Zo Zhou

Do you go through the bins at work to rescue recycling? Well, there is an easier way! You might even save the business money by recycling more and sending less of your workplace waste to landfill.

Planet Ark has prepared a step-by-step guide to help your colleagues recycle more and waste less. You may download most of the resources below in one zip file, or select the parts you need depending on where you are in your recycling journey:

Step 1: Breaking the barriers to workplace recycling

Use the Breaking the Barriers To Workplace Recycling guide to discover the strategies for overcoming the five biggest challenges of workplace recycling. Make the business case for less waste and let your manager or your colleagues know that you want to take the initiative. Why not send them our adaptable email for kickstarting a recycling review? You can also make use of tailored figures relevant to your industry from a recent study on commercial waste, and cite our environmental benefits for recycling specific materials.

Step 2: Find where the biggest gains can be made 

Use the Bin Trim tool to improve waste management by obtaining a snapshot of your current waste and recycling practices and developing a tailored plan to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Step 3: Review your waste contracts

Use the Guide to Reviewing Waste and Recycling Contracts to evaluate existing waste management activities and ensure you secure the best waste contract for the specific needs of your workplace.

Step 4: Choose the right recycler

One you've found a potential commercial recycler with BusinessRecycling's search, make sure the recycler you choose is doing the right thing environmentally and legally with our checklist of questions.

Step 5: Let your colleagues know about the new recycling system

Use our adaptable email to notify your colleagues of the changes, adaptable new recycling system poster and eye-catching recycling signage. Communicate even more effectively by having a look at our Behaviour Change Made Easy resources before you begin. 

Step 6: Promote your initiative to customers

Use our BusinessRecycling star graphic on social media to tell your customers you recycle, or become a case study and we'll do the promoting for you!