Disclaimer & Disputes


All information relating to a specific business, organisation, program or service on the BusinessRecycling website has been provided by that particular company or organisation.

Planet Ark and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) do not endorse or recommend this business, organisation, program or service.

If there are inaccuracies or errors in the listing they are the responsibility of the identified business or organisation. Please feel free to draw inaccuracies or errors to our attention by using the Contact Us form.

Planet Ark and the NSW EPA shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of any person taking or not taking action on the basis of the information provided on this website.

Dispute Resolution

The BusinessRecycling website has been developed to list the range of re-use and recycling services from around the country. Any information about a particular company, service, program or organisation has been supplied by that body.

If you believe that any of this information is inaccurate we invite you to bring it to our attention. Please use our Contact Form to outline your concerns including as to why you believe it is inaccurate along with your contact details (name, e-mail address and phone number).

Upon receiving this information, Planet Ark will contact the company, service or organisation and raise the complaint with them asking them to review and if necessary correct the information on the site. In the case that they stand by their information they will be asked to show evidence that the information is correct.

The original complaint and the response will then be forwarded to a sub-group of the BusinessRecycling Advisory Group for a final decision. This sub-group is made up of a representative of Planet Ark (chair) along with a representative of the Australian Council of Recycling, a local government representative and a business representative.

If the information is found to be accurate and supportable Planet Ark will not edit or change the information.

Should the information be found to be inaccurate or unsupportable, this sub-group, and Planet Ark, reserve the right to edit the information on the business, service, program or organisation's listing. We also reserve the right to delete the entire listing and refuse further listings if there are recurrent incidents of inaccurate information.



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