War on Waste Toolkit

Our kit has all the essential tips and tools that can get your organisation reducing waste, saving money and improving staff morale.

Where do I start?

No-brainer: Start with the Workplace Recycling No-Brainer Checklist: An introductory checklist of the simple steps businesses/workplaces can take to start winning the war on workplace waste.

Be a star: Have a positive impact at work with some simple tips in A Simple Guide to Workplace Recycling Stardom.

How do I build a case?
How do I get a snapshot of my waste?
  • Auditors: environmental and waste auditors and consultants can help you identify the types, quantities, and source of your business waste. They can also help you develop, implement, and monitor more efficient management systems. Find an auditor in your area.
  • Reduce and recycle plastics: Discover how your business can reduce, reuse and recycle plastics with the How to Reduce & Recycle Plastics at Work guide.
  • Packaging waste: If your business uses or manufactures packaging, then evaluating its recyclability via the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP) is the first step in reducing its end of life waste. The PREP can be used to design more recyclable packaging and to underpin claims on the Australasian Recycling Label.
How do I review my waste contracts?
  • Be guided: Use the Guide to Reviewing Waste and Recycling Contracts to evaluate existing waste management activities - 'Don't rush - engaging contractors and getting proper systems in place can take time, so it's worth being thorough and doing it right to get the best results.'
  • Explore equipment: Small-scale recycling equipment such as balers, compactors or even worm farms can make it easier and cheaper for businesses to recycle - discuss potential advantages with your waste contractor. Search our Recycling Equipment Catalogue
How do I choose the right recycler?
How do I promote to colleagues?
How do I buy it back?
  • Recycled Products Directory: Use our directory to properly close the recycling loop

  • Sustainable procurement policies: Your first step to sustainable procurement could start with establishing a ‘buy recycled’ policy. Check out our tips
How do I promote to customers?
These resources are for:
  • Businesses that have used Business Recycling to find recycling solutions.
  • Businesses that have used Business Recycling's educational resources to reduce waste to landfill.
  • Businesses that have a listing on Business Recycling and want to promote it to their customers.
How do I choose to reuse?

Help colleagues use replace single use plastic with company branded reusables such as:

  • Coffee cups: As Responsible Cafes suggest, there are all sorts of reusable cups to choose from - colourful KeepCups, stainless steel Cheeki's, stylin' Frank Green's, strong-as Kleen Kanteen's or even good ol' ceramic kitchen mugs.
  • Water bottles: You can find many reputable brands of reusable water bottles at Biome or Going Green Solutions.
  • Shopping bags: With the major supermarkets banning the bag it’s the perfect time to promote your brand whilst doing something good for the environment. Companies like Onya can supply custom branded bags made from recycled plastic bottles.
How do I explore waste as a resource?
  • Circular Economy: Register your interest in the Australian Circular Economy Hub to go from a linear take-make-dispose system to a truly circular model or find out about industrial ecology programs.
  • Learn from success stories: discover how all sorts of businesses and organisations have applied circular economy principles to their systems and services to reduce waste and improve their management of resources. Visit the Australian Circular Economy Hub's case studies to be inspired.