Batteries 4 Planet Ark

Chances are, most of the batteries you've ever used are sitting in landfill, leaking toxic materials into the environment, and wasting our natural resources. 

Your workplace can do its part to change this by joining the Batteries 4 Planet Ark recycling program. Together we can make sure the valuable materials in batteries are recycled into something new and the dangerous materials don't enter the environment.

The Batteries 4 Planet Ark program is accredited by the national battery recycling scheme, B-cycle, in partnership with our logistics partner Close the Loop. We provide a cost-effective and accessible national recycling service for handheld batteries for workplaces and other organisations.

The program is made possible through a partnership with Planet Ark, Close the Loop and Envirostream. It is not for public collection of batteries.

Order a box today!

  1. Order a Batteries for Planet Ark recycling box through Close the Loop.
  2. Each box is fire-proof to keep your workplace safe.
  3. When the box is full, we’ll collect it for recycling!

Order a Box

Each box costs $89.95 inc GST, which covers delivery, collection, and recycling of the batteries, from anywhere in Australia.

Why recycle batteries?

In 2019, Australians purchased enough AA-equivalent batteries to stretch around the earth 2.3 times. By 2050, battery sales are expected to rise so much that this will increase to 36 times.

Batteries are made up of both valuable and hazardous materials. More than 95% of the materials in batteries can be recycled. Recycling your batteries will ensure these materials are used again, often to make new batteries.

All batteries pose a potential hazard, containing harmful substances including mercury, cadmium, and lead. These chemicals can be dangerous if they are mixed with other types of waste in garbage or recycling bins. When batteries are sent to landfill, the toxic chemicals inside them can leak into the soil and waterways, threatening wildlife and human health.

Batteries are also a fire hazard. Even dead batteries can spark when rubbed together, which can lead to fires starting in garbage trucks and recycling facilities. Using a fire-proof collection box, like the box used in the Batteries 4 Planet Ark program, will protect your workplace and prevent fires.

How the program works

Batteries 4 Planet Ark offers a battery recycling service for workplaces and organisations Australia-wide.

  1. Order your battery recycling box. 
  2. The box will be sent to you with instructions on how to assemble it.
  3. Once the box is full, contact our program’s logistics provider, Close the Loop, for collection.
  4. Order a new box using the same online link and your customer ID details to log-in.

Order a Box

Our fire-proof collection boxes are certified for secure storage and road transport (certified UL94). Close the Loop, our logistics partner for the program, offers a door-to-door service Australia wide, with all transport and recycling costs included in the price of the box.

Close the Loop will collect the whole box and transport it to Envirostream for recycling. Envirostream recycles all batteries in Australia, recovering more than 95% of the materials for recycling into new products. No batteries or battery contents are sent offshore for processing. This is a key deliverable of the program, and fundamental to why Planet Ark and Close the Loop have partnered with Envirostream.

The below graphic explains how to set up your fire-proof battery collection box.

How to use the box

Types of batteries we accept

Batteries 4 Planet Ark accepts the following types of single-use and rechargeable batteries:

Accepted Not Accepted
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), sealed & vented
  • Lithium-Ion - Lithium-Ion Polymer
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Single-use Batteries
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Household Batteries
  • Medical Specific Batteries (Oxygen Analysers, Fetal Monitor, PH Meters etc)
  • Plastic, metal & glass
  • Liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Food & Garden organics
  • Products exposed to radiation & chemical hazards

How to organise a collection

To organise a collection of your full Batteries 4 Planet Ark recycling box and order a new box, please use Close the Loop’s online portal.

The whole box is sent to the recycling facility and a new box will need to be ordered. Each box costs $89.95 incl GST.

Data & Certificates

As part of the program, Close the Loop provides data on the total weight of batteries recycled by your organisation. A Resource Recovery Certificate will also be available for download.

More Information


Battery factsheet

Planet Ark is a member of the Battery Stewardship Council

  • Council Flyer ( 312kb pdf file)
    Promotional flyer to encourage councils to register their business recycling services.