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Research and Resources

The links below provide you with the information and tools to help implement effective recycling initiatives in your workplace.

The war on waste toolkit for business

War on Waste Toolkit for Business

What steps can you take to make your workplace more resource efficient? Our War on Waste Toolkit for Business has 10 tools to help you manage your waste better.

Research Reports

How can research help inform waste and recycling decisions at work? These research reports and documents will you help make recycling at work easier.

Inspiring Stories

What are other businesses achieving? Check out these success stories for examples of what other businesses are doing to reduce waste, time and costs.

Bin Trim

How can Bin Trim help you recycle better? Download this tool, which will help identify simple actions to cut waste and costs.

Choosing Recyclers and Contracts

How do you choose the 'right' recycler and secure the most appropriate waste contract for your requirements? These guides will help you out.

Behaviour Change Made Easy

What are the best ways to encourage behaviour change at work? As a leader in this field, we've summarised the latest research to show you how.

Environmental Benefits of Business Recycling

What are the environmental benefits of recycling at work? We provide this valuable information for some of the most recycled materials.

Industrial Ecology

What if the waste of one business could be a resource for another? Known as 'industrial ecology' or 'industrial symbiosis', networks are being set up to facilitate the turning of one company's waste into the input for another.

Signage and Posters

How do you let colleagues know exactly what goes in which bin? This free collection of signs and posters will help you do exactly that.

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