Pool Chemicals

Improper disposal of pool chemicals can have dangerous consequences such as fires and explosions. Pool chemical in landfill can also leach in to the environment and contaminate groundwater. Unwanted pool chemicals should always be sent for safe disposal.

Pool Chemicals includes:

Chlorine Pool Acids Pool Detergents
Pool Chemicals

Why Recycle?

Swimming pool chemicals such as chlorine, acids, detergents and stabilisation agents provide a safe and clean pool but in concentrated forms these chemicals are potentially dangerous. Swimming pool chemicals are reactive and if accidentally mixed with other chemicals in landfill, the mixture can become unstable producing toxic gases, fire, or explode.  These chemicals should be collected through safe disposal programs ensuring they are diverted from landfill where they may leach into the soil and waterways causing environmental contamination.

Recycling Options

There are number of commercial chemical and hazardous waste collection operators who will accept pool chemicals for safe destruction and disposal. This maybe be through a drop-off or pick up service and fees may apply. Where possible chemicals should be left in their original packaging for easy identification.

What Happened When It’s Recycled?

Chemicals are collected and for safe and environmentally sound destruction and disposal which eliminates their potential for environmental damage.