Within Australia hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wood waste, which could be recycled, make their way to landfills each year. Particleboard can be recycled to make new particleboard.

Particleboard includes:

Chipboard Low-density Fibreboard

Why recycle

Particleboard can be recycled to make new particleboard. In addition, two of Australia's particleboard manufacturers, now also use recycled wood packaging and manufacturing offcuts in the manufacture of new particleboard.

Engineered timber products such as particleboard have used formaldehyde glues and paints which has made it difficult to recycle into other products. However a resoultion has been found by taking used particleboard, resolving it back into its little chips and particles and making new board from it. "Almost creating a perpetual cycle of kitchen cupboards going to a recycling centre and being made into another kitchen cupboard". (Wood Waste Project Manager, Matthew Warnken)

 New particleboards now consist of approx 83% total recycled material. 74% post-industrial material from other sawmill waste, sawdust, wood chip and residues, and 9% post-consumer recycled woodwaste chip material.

(Source: National Timber Product Stewardship Group / D&R Henderson)