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Shop Fittings

Shop fittings can be stripped and separated into various materials streams for recycling or refurbished and resold. This diverts large waste items from landfill and provides the community with quality well-priced shop or office pieces.

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Why Recycle?

Shop fittings are made from a range of valuable material such as metal, plastics, fabrics and timber. When stripped out shop fittings can be deconstructed and separated into these material streams for recycling. Or if fittings remain are intact they can be refurbished and/or resold. By recycling, refurbishing or reselling shop fittings this diverts large waste items from landfill and provides others with quality well-priced shop or office pieces.

Recycling Options

There are a number of commercial operators who offer strip-out services for shops and offices as well as numerous second-hand dealers who buy and sell shop fittings for resale.   

What Happens When It's Recycled?

Shop fittings are dismantled and stripped out in a systematic process, which involves separating materials streams into different storage bins, such as plastic, timber and metals. These materials can then be processed for recycling, the metals and plastics will be shredded used in new products while the timber maybe be wood chipped. Recycling or reuse targets should be established with contractor before work begins so where possible materials are kept clean or in resale condition.

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