Compactors and Balers

By reducing the volume of recyclable material and making storage, handling and transport easier, compactors and balers can significantly reduce a business's recycling charges.

Compactor & Baler Suppliers

Compactors and balers are used to squash and secure large volumes of light to medium density materials. By reducing waste volume and facilitating storage, handling and transport, they can significantly reduce a business's waste or recycling costs.

A wide range of recyclable materials can be compacted and baled, including paper and cardboard, plastic wrap, plastic packaging and polystyrene, plastic bottles, and light gauge ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Compactors and balers can be manufactured or modified to suit many types of materials, or to meet specific service needs, site constraints, and different feeding and/or loading mechanisms.

Recycling Equipment Catalogue

The Recycling Equipment Catalogue contains information on a wide range of equipment to suit your business. It also provides key questions to help guide your decision.

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