Cardboard - Waxed

Waxed cardboard is not suitable for paper recycling but can be effectively composted. This diverts large amounts of waste from landfill, decreases methane production and can reduce associated waste management costs.

Cardboard - Waxed

Why Recycle?

Waxed cardboard boxes are commonly used for transporting fresh produce, unfortunately due to food contamination these boxes are generally only used once before being disposed of in landfill. Not suitable for paper recycling due to their wax coating, theses items have traditionally been considered as general waste. However in landfill waxed cardboard does not biodegrade and can produce methane a powerful green house gas. By composting this material either on site or through a commercial recycling service this diverts waste from landfill, reduces methane production and can also produce significant savings in waste management costs. It is important to note that wax coated cardboard cannot be recycled through paper and cardboard recycling and will cause contamination.

Recycling Options

  • A selection of commercial recyclers offer waxed cardboard collection services. This service is generally provided through an on-site wheelie bin that is used for all organic scraps.
  • Some suppliers may also accept clean waxed cardboard boxes for return and reuse.

What Happens When It's Recycled?

Boxes are flattened and broken down into smaller pieces before being used in controlled amounts in compost systems.