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Car bodies are composed of many useful parts that can be stripped and then reused or recycled. Buying and selling second hand car parts reduces the need for new parts to be manufactured and prevents unwanted car bodies from becoming obsolete and valuable resources going to waste.

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Why Recycle?

Car bodies are made up from a range of useful components that can be stripped and reused or recycled as scrap metal. Second hand car-parts can offer as much as 50% savings on comparable new auto parts creating value for our community and the seller also benefits as most auto-parts recyclers will pay market price for your unwanted or damaged car bodies and or parts. The market for second hands goods also reduces the demand for the manufacturing or new parts from virgin materials. Reusing or recycling car parts also prevents unwanted car bodies from becoming obsolete, resulting in valuable resources going to waste.

Recycling Options

There are commercial auto-parts recyclers operating all over Australia. These companies will generally offer both pick and drop-off services and most will pay market price for parts and/or scrap metal.

What Happens When It's Recycled?

All useful parts are stripped form the car including, liquids, batteries and mechanical parts which will be reused or recycled. The remaining vehicle hulks are crushed flat and transported to metal shredding companies who process them to recover metal. This metal, in turn, is used by steel mills and foundries to produce new steel products and other finished goods, including parts for new vehicles.

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