Bin Suppliers

Choosing the right bins is vital to the success of your recycling program. The right bins make it easy for staff to separate and sort materials and reduce contamination. Use the directory to find a bin supplier near you.

Bin Suppliers

Choosing the right bins

Bins come in a wide range of sizes to suit different types of businesses. There are large, crane-lift skip bins suitable for bulky or non-compactible materials (like construction waste), and there are smaller bins that fit under desks or office floor boxes for small quantities of paper and cardboard. Special bins for specific materials like light globes or batteries are also available.

Many recycling companies will supply bins as part of a commercial recycling service but there are also a number of companies that will supply bins on their own.

Recycling Equipment Catalogue

The Recycling Equipment Catalogue contains information on a wide range of equipment to suit your business, including suppliers of bins. It also provides key questions to help guide your decision.