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Western Australia’s new infrastructure plan for waste and resource recovery

By Rachael Ridley 14 June 2024

After consultation with industry and the community, the Government of Western Australia has released its plan to meet the state’s waste and recycling challenges and transition toward a more circular economy.

Long-term planning for waste infrastructure at a state level is one of the key strategies outlined in the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030, and is a foundation of the waste strategy review and draft waste strategy, currently open for public consultation (until 21 August 2024).

The State waste infrastructure plan has been developed in consultation with industry, local governments, State Government agencies and the community. Its purpose is to provide a long-term information framework to guide decision-making for the planning and development of waste infrastructure in Western Australia. It is a living document, a base of information that can be built on, expanded and updated, in alignment with waste strategy priorities.

With an outlook to 2050, it focuses on the waste and recycling infrastructure needed for the state to achieve waste strategy targets in 2030. It includes some of the waste infrastructure characteristics, needs, challenges and opportunities unique to each region, and outlines government waste infrastructure principles.

Read the State Waste Infrastructure Plan: Western Australia.

Rachael Ridley
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