RSS Feeds

The Business Recycling News stories are not only viewable on a web browser, they are also "syndicated" through an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) "News Feed". RSS Feeds are generally indicated by an icon looking something like this Subscribe

What is RSS?

RSS is a format for syndicating information and is generally used for news stories and "blog" entries. It is provided by a growing number of websites which allows you to regularly receive new website content, without having to go to the site fo find it.

Technically, an RSS feed is an XML file which can be read by feed reading software. Once you have a program installed you can subscribe to any number of websites that provide RSS feeds and automatically receive updates.

How do I get an RSS feed?

To view these news feeds you need to install software, which still has a name problem, but can be called a feed reader, news reader, RSS/Atom reader or news aggregator.

An RSS reader capable of subscriptions is already built in to Internet Explorer 7, FireFox and Safari browsers. In Internet Explorer 7, open the "Favourites Centre" (sorry had to correct the US mis-spelling) and click the "Feeds" icon so read your subscribed news.

Some programs are accessed using your web browser, and some are downloadable applications. Browser-based news readers let you catch up with your RSS feeds from any computer, while downloadable applications let you store them on your main computer, in the same way that you either download your e-mail to a particular computer using a program such as Outlook, or keep it on a web-based service like Hotmail.

There are many programs available - just search the web for RSS feed reader. We also suggest looking at NewsGator where you will find some options including NewsGator Inbox for Microsoft Outlook so that your subscribed news is displayed along with your incoming email.

Setting up [or subscribing to] a feed differs from one news reader program to another, but it usually involves copying the URL of the feed and pasting it into the reader. The URL or address of the Business Recycling News feed is

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or FireFox, simply go to those feeds and you will be prompted to subscribe.

But wait... there's more

You may think this is a pretty lame use of technology, but (if using the software mentioned above bringing your subscriptions into Outlook) it does become a very convenient way to keep informed of selected news.

But the real benefit is that other websites can also "consume" or "aggregate" this "syndicated" information as well.

If your web developer knows how, or you run a Blog that has a "Blog Roll" facility, you can add Business Recycling News to your website and you never need to do a thing to update it.

You don't even need our permission or a login to do this, it's all part of the service...