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What would you do with wood pallets

Date: 26-Feb-14
Author: Ryan Collins

Pile of wood pallets

Each year in Victoria alone, 600,000 tonnes of wood pallets are disposed of to landfill. This is enough to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground 1.5 times. If this amount had been commercially recycled, it would be equivalent to saving the energy used by approximately 300,000 households in a year.*

Most wood pallets can be reused and repaired multiple times, aside from a small proportion designed for single use. Reusing the pallets saves trees, energy and diverts useable materials from landfill. Plus they can be upcycled into very impressive products.

From a student's desk, drawer and chair, to coffee tables, lounges, armchairs and bedside tables, wood pallets have been beautified and ‘trendified' with some very inspiring results.

Find out the how, where and environmental benefits of wood pallet recycling...

*Calculation uses NSW data for timber pallets/packaging (Commercial & Industrial and Construction & Demolition recycling only) contained in Table 4 (p.14) Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water NSW (2010) Environmental Benefits of Recycling, DECCW, Sydney South. Cumulative energy demand savings expressed as average household annual electricity requirements (6,000 kWh).

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