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Australian Packaging Covenant High Performer: Smiths

Smith's Logo © Claire Bell

At the 2016 awards event, PepsiCo’s Smith’s Snackfood Company and Sakata Rice Snacks received the APC high performer award in the Large Food and Beverage category. The company’s commitment to packaging sustainability has been recognised with several APC awards in recent years.

Smith’s increased plastic recycling by 47% up to 97 tonnes.

Key Achievements

  • In 2015 Smith’s achieved a recycling rate of 92.3% for their manufacturing facilities
  • Increased plastic recycling by 47% up to 97 tonnes
  • Between 2014 and 2015, Smith’s collected 655 tonnes of paper and cardboard for recycling

Key Actions

  • Improved packaging efficiencies by optimising bag and carton sizes, resulting in less packaging
  • Ongoing engagement and education of team members about waste and litter reduction
  • Collaborated with contractors to improve the separation of packaged food waste
  • Engaged a new contractor who was able to accept a wider range of plastics
  • Exploring and testing bio-based, compostable films for packaging materials

“We are proud signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant, and are always looking for innovative ways to cut packaging waste and to recycle. We use a lifecycle approach to improve sustainability, such as reducing packaging material through design, responsible sourcing, improving efficiencies in manufacturing and distribution, and working collaboratively with others in the supply chain. Recycling promotes the sustainable use of resources, keeps waste out of landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By recycling, each PepsiCo team member individually makes a difference to our environment and helps to deliver PepsiCo Performance With Purpose.” Janine Cannell, PepsiCo ANZ Environment Manager

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