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This is a directory listing. Please be aware that recyclers may currently be closed or operating shortened hours due to COVID-19. Please use the below information to contact the recycler directly.

Pick Up Available

Drop Off Available


Please Note: To safely operate our busy industrial site, access is available only to the following:
• Businesses for cardboard and pre-approved materials drop-off
• Businesses and community for non-shredded paper drop-off for Secure Document Destruction
• Groups undertaking guided site tours and recycling workshops
You can take your household recycling and e-waste to Gregadoo Waste Management Centre for recycling at no cost.

Pre-approved materials from commercial and industrial sources are collected and processed.

Paper and x-ray film are collected and processed through our document destruction service for businesses.

Processing of recyclable materials (household containers: glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard, plastics, steel cans, aluminium cans and foil) from kerbside, yellow-lid bins for six councils.

E-recycling site for printers, TVs, computers and computer peripherals but we are NOT a drop-off site. NO other electrical appliances are accepted. Take your e-recycling to Council's Gregadoo Waste Management Centre for recycling at no cost.

Group tours of our recycling site may be arranged and our staff are happy to speak at workplaces, schools or community group meetings.

Visit our new web site at kurrajongrecycling.com.au

Accreditation & Memberships

Accreditation: ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management System)
AS5377 E-Waste Recycling

Service Options

Pick-up available

Pick-up details: A pick-up service may be provided to local and surrounding district premises based on staff availability and product viability. Drop-off only for pre-approved business or industrial materials.

  • Metro areas ONLY

Dropoff available

Additional information: XMAS RECYCLING
Over Xmas we get even more non-recyclable items than ever! Please 'Recycle Right' and DO NOT send us the following items:
x Plastic cellophane, metalic paper with glitter or foil mix cannot be recycled (and neither can plastic gift-wrapping ribbon).
x Plastic bags or cling wrap
x Tied up plastic bags full of items
x Xmas trees, decoration or lights
x Plastic plates, cups and cutlery
x Batteries
x Polystyrene
x Serviettes or tissues
x Toys or clothing

Chocolate wrapping paper: foil wrapping that is 100% aluminium can be recycled if lots of pieces are collected and formed into a ball at least the size of a large orange - otherwise it will become mixed in with other items and or fall from the sorting belts.

x Plastic cellophane, metalic paper with glitter or foil mix cannot be recycled (and neither can plastic gift-wrapping ribbon).

Aluminium foil trays: recycle in your yellow-lid bin – ensure they are rinsed, and rolled into a ball shape at least the size of a large orange.

x Polystyrene: take to Gregadoo Waste Management Centre for recycling and don't place in your yellow-lid bin.

x Soft plastic wrapping/packaging/bags: drop-off at Coles or Woolies stores to be recycled through their RedCycle Program - go to the RedCycle website.

THANK YOU FOR RECYCLING CORRECTLY as the amount of non-recyclable items (contamination) we receive grows over holiday periods.

Kurrajong Recycling and the Riverina community are contributing to building the CIRCULAR ECONOMY and preventing valuable resources from being lost to landfill.

DISPOSAL of NON-RECYCLABLE ITEMS COSTS us Approx. $250,000.00 a year in transport and Council landfill fees. Dealing with these items can be dangerous, as well as taking up valuable staff time and storage space.

REMEMBER - WHEN IN DOUBT THROUGH IT OUT - into the red-lid, general-waste bin.

Unfortunately we currently cannot take soft plastic packaging, plastic bags, plastic film and strapping as there is currently no market for these plastics. Also, if these items come through your yellow-lid bin they become stuck in our sorting machinery.

The good news is that your household soft plastics can be recycled through the RedCycle Program where Coles and Woolies have in-store collection bins for these items - visit the RedCycle website or view the items they accept which are listed on their in-store bins. The REPLAS company in Victoria uses these plastics to make items such as outdoor furniture.

WE CAN TAKE the following CLEAN containers through your kerbside, yellow-lid recycling bin:

- PET (Plastic ID Code No.1) e.g. soft-drink bottles

- HDPE (Plastic ID Code No. 2) e.g. milk, juice, cream and coloured plastic bottles. Please remove lids from bottles and place in recycling bin

- PP (Plastic ID Code No. 5) e.g. ice cream containers and lids

- glass bottles and jars (no glass ovenware, drinking glasses, microwave glass turntables, window or windscreen glass as they have a different melting point and if mixed with other glass will ruin the recycling process when batches are melted). Remove lids from glass jars and aerosol cans and place in yellow-lid bin too.

- aluminium, steel and aerosol cans (please don't flatten these containers as it reduces the effectiveness of sorting machinery such as magnets and eddy-current separators, and they can become hidden in newspaper or cardboard).

- aluminium foil, if clean and squashed into a ball (with a minimum size of a very large orange) so it can be removed by our machinery. Flat sheets and small amounts of foil cannot be sorted by the eddy current so they contaminate other products or fall off the sorting belt and go to landfill.

You can take your E-waste or household recycling to Gregadoo Waste Management Centre at no cost. It then comes to us at Chaston St for recycling.

Please note the conditions on the following items:
Electrical cables - from computers
Electrical cables - if removed from electrical items

Items that should be dropped off at Council's Gregadoo Waste Management Centre and NOT DELIVERED THROUGH THE YELLOW-LID RECYCLING BIN (as the materials will damage or become stuck in our machinery, may become entangled with other materials, are heavy to lift from a moving conveyor belt, may contain batteries and pose a fire risk) include:
- computers and accessories
- printers
- televisions
- mobile phones
- electrical cables

PLASTIC BUMPER BARS & TRUCK MUD GUARDS from businesses: we only accept polypropylene plastic, with all other metal or plastic contaminates removed such as metal screws, grill inserts, light fittings, clips, flaps, and end skirts.

x SHREDDED PAPER. Please put your shredded paper into the green bin for composting as the small shredded pieces of paper fall from the sorting belt and or coat other items and cannot be separated in our sorting process.

x BATTERIES (household): We cannot recycle any batteries. Please take your household batteries to Wagga City Council building drop-off bin, Gregadoo Waste Management Centre, Community Recycling Centres - check with your local council, Battery World or ALDI stores.

x BATTERIES (vehicle): Please take to the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre or Battery World for recycling.

HOUSEHOLD RECYCLING through your yellow-lid recycling bin: please only recycle CLEAN household containers (glass, steel, aluminium, plastic, paper and cardboard) from your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or office. It is important to remove lids and place in the recycling bin, ENSURE CONTAINERS are RINSED and CLEAN, and items are NOT TIED UP IN PLASTIC BAGS as they cannot be processed (opened) and will go to landfill.

Check Wagga Wagga City Council's 'A-Z Guide' for more recycling options on their website.

Some of the items WE CANNOT RECYCLE: dripper and garden hoses; irrigation pipe; strapping; rope; string; gas bottles; handbags; broken toys or furniture; bedding; curtains; backpacks; clothing; Xmas trees or decorations; kitchen pots and pans; plastic plates, cutlery or cups; takeaway coffee cups; crockery; glassware - wine and water glasses, ovenproof containers, window glass; mirrors; shoes; batteries; oil, paint or chemical containers; polystyrene, shredded paper; electrical appliances.


The following materials are accepted at Kurrajong Recycling

Aluminium - Cans
Aluminium - Cans
Aluminium - Foil
Cardboard - Cartons
Computers & Accessories
Containers & Packaging
Containers & Packaging
Glass Containers
Mobile Phones
Paper - Mixed
Paper - Office
Pizza Boxes - Clean
Plastic - Rigid
Computers & Accessories
Mobile Phones
Aluminium - Cans
Aluminium - Foil
Containers & Packaging
Glass Containers
Pizza Boxes - Clean
Aluminium - Cans
Cardboard - Cartons
Paper - Mixed
Paper - Office
Containers & Packaging
Plastic - Rigid



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