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Kurrajong Recycling

54 Chaston Street
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Contact Details

Contact: Elizabeth Madden
Phone: 02 6925 5004 or 0428 255 004
Website: Kurrajong Recycling
Email: emadden@kurrajong.com.au

Service description: Materials from commercial and industrial sources are also collected and processed.

A secure document destruction service is also provided.

Accreditation and Memberships

Accreditation: ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management System)
AS5377 E-Waste Recycling


Fees MAY Apply

Fees per bin and frequency of service can be agreement fixed.

Service Options

Pick-up available

Pick-up details: Collection service provided to local and surrounding district premises.

  • Local/Metro areas ONLY

Dropoff available

Additional information: Before dropping off materials please phone ahead as the market is changing which effects what we can recycle. Ph: 6925 5004.

Unfortunately we currently cannot take plastic packaging, plastic bags, plastic film and strapping as there is no market for these plastics. If these products are delivered to Kurrajong Recycling we then pay the transport costs and Gregadoo Waste Managment Centre fees for them to go to landfill. Note that we cannot change the Containers and Packaging option on the list until 2019 as Planet Ark is updating their website so currently unable to make this amendment.

However we can take the following containers:
- clear plastic bottles (PVC)
- soft-drink bottles (PET)
- milk, juice, cream and coloured bottles (HDPE)
- milk and juice cartons and boxes e.g. long-life milk and fruit juice boxes
- glass bottles and jars (no glass ovenware, drinking glasses, window or windscreen glass as they have a different melting point and if mixed with other glass will ruin the recycling process when batches are melted)
- aluminium, steel and aerosol cans
- aluminium foil if clean and squashed into a ball (with a minimum size of a very large orange) so the machinery can remove it - flat sheets and small amounts cannot be sorted by the eddy current.

We currently cannot take household appliances except microwave ovens.

Please note the conditions on the following items:
Aluminium - clean scrap
Electrical cables - from computers
Electrical cables - if removed from electrical items

Items that should be dropped off at our Chaston Street site and NOT delivered through the yellow-lidded recycling bin (as the materials will damage or become stuck in the machinery; may become entangled with other materials; are heavy to lift from a moving conveyor belt, may contain batteries and pose a fire risk) include:
- microwave ovens
- computers and accessories
- printers and photo copiers
- televisions
- mobile phones
- printer cartridges
- aluminium scrap
- electrical cables
- vehicle batteries (lead acid)
- shredded paper (bagged)

Materials and Services

  • Cars & Other Vehicles
    • Batteries - Lead Acid
  • Electrical Equipment
    • Batteries - Lead Acid
    • Computers & Accessories (Recycle, Refurbish, Dispose Safely)
    • Mobile Phones (Recycle, Dispose Safely)
    • Printer Cartridges If a collection box isn't immediately visible in the store, ask at the counter. Store outlets are generally packed with stock, thus store space is a premium. These stores often have the cartridges collection box out the back, so people need to hand their (Recycle, )
    • Televisions (Recycle, Dispose Safely)
  • Food & Beverage Packaging
    • Aluminium - Cans
    • Containers & Packaging
    • Glass Containers
  • Metals
    • Aluminium - Cans (Dispose Safely)
    • Aluminium - Scrap (Dispose Safely)
    • Copper
  • Paper & Cardboard
    • Cardboard - Cartons
    • Paper - Mixed
    • Paper - Office
  • Plastics
    • Containers & Packaging (Dispose Safely)
    • Plastic Strapping

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