Ecycle Solutions

Ecycle Solutions provides innovative recycling services for expanded polystyrene (EPS) and electronics for all industries and businesses, with Australia-wide coverage including remote communities. 

Electronics recycling

As an Australian Government approved co-regulator of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, Ecycle Solutions recycles compliant electronics at no charge to the business. Its Australia-wide logistics network supplies businesses with an easy pick-up service for televisions, printers, computers, and computer accessories. If your business operates in regional Australia or you have two or more electronic items to recycle, reach out to Ecycle Solutions to organise a collection. All electronics collected are recycled to the AS5377 certification.

Expanded Polystyrene recycling

EPS is a highly problematic material that takes hundreds of years to breakdown in landfill. Despite 98% of the plastic packaging being air, EPS takes up large amounts of space in landfills where it can easily be blown away and enter our waterways and natural environment. 

As the largest commercial recycler of EPS in Australia, Ecycle Solutions collects EPS from businesses and recycles it on-site using ‘hot melt’ extrusion machines, located in each capital city. The EPS is melted down and turned into new products such as outdoor furniture, decking, picture frames and skirting boards. Businesses can save up 70% on disposal costs by recycling their EPS through Ecycle Solutions. 

To learn more about these services, visit Ecycle Solutions.