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Grants available for Vic councils to fund infrastructure projects with recycled materials

August 21, 2020

Alejandra Laclette

Sustainability Victoria has launched a new $2.6M Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, supporting local government and alpine resorts to use recycled material in their infrastructure projects.

Grants of up to $300,000 are currently available, with applications due to close 8 October 2020.

To be eligible, applicants must incorporate at least one of the priority recycled materials: glass, paper and cardboard, plastics and rubber. A co-contribution of $1:1 (minimum) is also required. 

Potential projects could include, but are not limited to, building carparks, roads, footpaths, outdoor park equipment, drainages and cycleways. 

“We’re supporting councils to build innovative infrastructure and make the most out of recycled materials as we continue to build a strong circular economy for Victoria,” said Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio. 

“Victoria is leading the way in giving new life to old rubbish – transforming plastic into roads and glass into footpaths.”

This is the first of three rounds of funding, with Round 2 planned for October. To find out more about the grant, visit Sustainability Victoria’s website

It is expected that Victorian councils will spend over $8 billion on infrastructure projects over the next three years, which is an excellent opportunity to increase and improve the use of recycled materials within their projects while diverting problematic waste from landfill.

Alejandra Laclette

After supervising the sustainability educational program at her corporate job in Mexico, Alejandra moved to Australia where she worked coordinating programs that improved consumer understanding of the environmental credentials of packaging and how to dispose of it. She currently manages the Australasian Recycling Label and the Business Recycling campaigns.

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