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Bin Trim App helps waste industry and councils guide business recycling

June 16, 2021

Rachael Ridley

Councils, waste service providers, consultants and industry groups now have free access to the Bin Trim web application to help the businesses in NSW they work with to reduce waste, recycle more and save money.

Users of the Bin Trim App can access waste data from various industry sectors and locations, generate high-level reports by local government area, industry sector and volume and weight. They can also track their progress through helpful graphs and charts.

The user-friendly App guides users to enter the types and amount of waste produced by their business and the user will then receive a free and easy action plan to reduce waste, save money and improve the environment.

The public dashboard on the Bin Trim App will allow users to search for broader statistical waste information from a database of more than 36,000 businesses.

“Councils and industry can use the Bin Trim App to engage with their clients, prepare waste assessments and tailor waste advice to their needs,” said EPA Executive Director Liesbet Spanjaard.

“Users can access industry-specific data and tailored waste reduction action plans to help the businesses they are working with.”

The Bin Trim program has supported over 36,000 NSW businesses with free advice from independent assessors who help small business to improve their waste management. 

To date the NSW Government has awarded $21.73 million to 91 grantees who will engage with over 37,589 businesses through the Bin Trim program by August 2021.

Bin Trim is funded under the nine-year Waste Less Recycle More initiative and is designed to help achieve NSW recycling targets for the business sector.

Visit the EPA website for more information or download the Bin Trim App.

Rachael Ridley

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