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Aussie, Recycled and Certified

Date: 20-Jul-14
Author: Marty Middlebrook

Jess Reflex Recycled Printer Paper © Marty Middlebrook

Office paper is probably the most recycled material in Australian workplaces. But when it comes to using recycled office paper things aren't so good. Less than one in six reams of office paper used includes any recycled content.

Many paper buyers still think recycled paper is a lower quality to virgin paper in appearance and performance. This is based on experiences when recycled paper was introduced years ago. But the good news is recycling technology has improved and there are a range of recycled content papers to choose from. These days, most office paper users couldn't tell the difference between Australian made 50% recycled content papers and virgin paper - in either appearance or performance.

There are three things you, or your purchasing manager, should look for to make the right paper choice.

Make It Recycled - As the saying goes, unless you're buying recycled, you're not really recycling. Look for paper with a high-recycled content.

Make It Australian - By choosing Australian made you are supporting local manufacturing and keeping waste paper out of local landfills.

Make It Certified - Individual paper fibres can only be recycled around 7 times before they break down, which means new fibres need to be added to the overall mix. Choosing certified paper means you can be sure that it comes from responsible sources.

Do you know if your workplace is using recycled paper? Is it Australian made? Is it certified? If you don't know why not check it out now? If it's not you choosing the paper, you can send this article or our Top Tips guide, on to the person who does.

Download the guide.

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