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Recycling Contracts Cleared Up

Date: 20-Jul-14
Author: Marty Middlebrook

Recycling at MRF © Planet Ark

Workplaces come in all sizes so your waste and recycling service should fit your specific needs. A good contract can achieve some great outcomes like reducing costs, increasing recycling and improving amenity.

Our waste and recycling contract guides will help you find the most appropriate service for your workplace. The two guides were developed by Sustainability Victoria and the Queensland Government but are applicable anywhere.

Before engaging a contractor it's useful to know how much waste and recycling you workplace generates and what materials it includes. It's also and what types the business generates and what opportunities there are to minimise or avoid waste. If it's not measured you can't manage it! Take the time to undertake a waste audit and set some waste diversion targets.

Contract Guides

There are two guides on the BusinessRecycling's Waste and Recycling Contracts page. They are:

Ongoing Education

It's also worth researching different waste and recycling options to find the best service for your business. Of course, it doesn't end there as your staff and cleaners need to be educated and reminded. That’s where useful resources such as BusinessRecycling signage and behaviour change tips are handy.

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