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From flat-pack furniture to workplace recycling

Date: 04-Apr-14
Author: Ryan Collins

IKEA Tempe's used coffee grounds are free for staff and customers to take for fertiliser

IKEA Tempe's used coffee grounds are free for staff and customers to take for fertiliser

IKEA Tempe is making a remarkable effort to reduce its impact on the environment by introducing recycling into the workplace, and last year diverted 60% of their waste from landfill. With some help from Planet Ark's BusinessRecycling website, they are making a great start to their ambition of 90% by 2015.

In the past 12 months, the store has recycled 78 tonnes of organic food waste, through the collection and recycling of all food organics from the restaurant and co-worker restaurant and bistro. Employees are trained to separate waste, and the food scraps are collected and recycled by VISY. They are then transformed into compost and soil conditioner for re-use.

IKEA Tempe also collects 100% of its used coffee grounds to give away free of charge to all green- thumbed, garden-loving customers. The used coffee grounds are packaged in reused ‘Pick & Mix' boxes for easy transport, then are taken back to homes across the city to use as a nitrogen-rich fertiliser on backyard gardens and green spaces. is an online directory and hotline specifically designed to make it easy for Australian businesses to find local recycling services for more than 90 different materials, and this diverse range has made it easy for the company to broaden its recycling efforts from just food waste.

IKEA Tempe customers can also bring their flat batteries, old cardboard and blown compact fluorescent lamp light globes to the in-store recycling station where the items are managed by appropriate recycling services.

Planet Ark's helps Australian businesses and employees counteract the amount of waste sent to landfill and potentially save on waste costs through its free step-by-step toolkit and resources.

To find a local recycling service on, site visitors simply enter their location and choose from a broad selection of material categories like plastics, timber, food, paper and cardboard, packaging, metals and more. The site is also supported by the BusinessRecycling Hotline on 1300 763 768.

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