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Low Carbon Australia helping your competitive advantage

Date: 16-Sep-11
Author: Lucy Band

Investing in building retrofits, smarter new energy technologies and industry process upgrades is critical for long-term sustainability and positioning for the low carbon economy. This can help Australian business retain competitive advantage and will also be kinder to the environment. 

Low Carbon Australia is ready right now to provide business with clean energy finance in the form of loans, equipment leases and capital for equipment which will upgrade the efficiency of their operations or buildings. This offers  a smart way for business to take advantage of new energy savings technologies like LED lighting and highly efficient heating and cooling equipment through to advanced co-gen and tri-gen projects.

Low Carbon Australia was set up by the Australian Government to support business, industry and the community to provide financial support and expert advice.

Low Carbon Australia has just announced a new Request for Proposals and is looking for investment ready projects which have undergone the appropriate feasibility studies.  Projects could include but are not limited to the office and retail sector; distribution and warehousing industries; education and health; manufacturing; leisure and community sectors as well as local government.

Low Carbon Australia CEO Meg McDonald said the transition to a clean energy future is very much on the minds of business, government and the wider community.

“We’ve been able to help a number of leading edge organisations that know it makes good business sense to implement energy and carbon saving measures during the current uncertain economic climate,” said Ms McDonald.

“We are about providing clean energy finance, which allows people to go ahead right away to install these new technologies and realise the bottom-line advantage of these energy saving opportunities.”

Everybody wants to do their bit and be part of the low carbon economy. With the help of Low carbon Australia’s finance, which can tailor repayments around the energy savings achieved using the new equipment, business can get the first mover advantage of these technologies whilst maintaining competitive edge. 

Low Carbon Australia is working with building owners, local councils and businesses large and small across Australia to implement energy and carbon saving projects.

“We are pleased to open a new Request for Proposals to find similarly beneficial investment opportunities that meet our eligibility criteria,” said Ms McDonald.

“We are encouraging businesses, building owners, local councils and other organisations to apply for clean energy finance to implement investment-ready energy and carbon saving upgrades.”

Low Carbon Australia is also looking to co-invest with existing financial institutions by providing loans and equity to establish dedicated investment funds for carbon and energy savings.

The deadline for proposal submissions is 5pm on 30th September 2011.

More information on the Request for Proposals can be found at:

http://www.lowcarbonaustralia.com.au/Request for Proposals

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