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Planet Ark endorses Detpak's new coffee cup recycling system

Date: 14-Feb-19
Author: Rachael Ridley

Planet Ark proudly endorses Detpak's RecycleMe recycling system

Planet Ark proudly endorses Detpak's RecycleMe recycling system

We’re delighted to announce our endorsement of Detpak’s RecycleMe collection and recycling system. This positive environmental solution for single-use takeaway cups guarantees every cup and lid collected will be recycled.  

RecycleMe coffee cups are 96% recyclable due to their special lining that allows them to be processed using current recycling infrastructure. When they are collected through the specially designed collection network, the cups and lids are given a second life and turned into paper and plastic products. With industry estimates of one billion disposable coffee cups sent to landfill or littered each year, the RecycleMe system offers a positive and practical solution for consumers who may not feel they have the time or opportunity to use reusable cups.  

Why does Planet Ark endorse RecycleMe? 

Planet Ark only endorses products and systems that meet strict criteria in regard to their environmental outcomes, quality of the product or program, health benefits and cost effectiveness. We follow the waste hierarchy, which encourages consumers to firstly avoid, reduce and reuse before recycling. However, we appreciate that not everyone will have the opportunity or time to sit down for a coffee in the shop or bring along a reusable cup every day. The RecycleMe recycling system offers an end-to-end environmental solution for both the cup and the lid that has the ability to drastically reduce the number of takeaway cups sent to landfill.

How does it work? 

Dedicated collection bins designed to keep the cups dry can be placed in coffee shops and throughout public buildings such as offices, hospitals and university campuses. Back-of-house collection bins are also available for consolidation of the cups and lids. The system is rolled out with a supporting education resource for customers and staff at cafés and restaurants to ensure consumers understand that the cup must be disposed of in a dedicated RecycleMe collection bin to guarantee it is recycled. The cups may not be recycled if they are placed in kerbside recycling.  

RecycleMe is backed by Detpak and Shred-X to offer ongoing distribution and collection of the cups. Shred-X already have more than 50,000 collection locations across Australia. In just a short period of time, more than 325,000 RecycleMe cups have been saved from landfill and recycled. 

What can I do? 

  • If you are interested in implementing the RecycleMe system in your coffee shop, workplace or organisation, get in touch with the team at Detpak.  
  • If you’re interested in finding a participating shop near you, head here for a list of stores throughout Australia.  
  • Businesses and workplaces can take part in the circular economy by purchasing recycled paper products.

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Rachael                                           Ridley

Rachael Ridley

Rachael joined Planet Ark in 2019 after eight years working in media and publishing as a producer, editor and writer. Rachael is excited to use her skills in content creation and communication to further the Planet Ark brand and instigate positive environmental behaviour change.

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