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Happy Birthday, 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'!

Date: 03-May-11

In May 2011, ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ enters its 9th year of operation.  In this time, almost 15 million cartridges have been collected for recycling through the program.  That’s enough cartridges to fill over 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or almost 100 jumbo jets!  This also represents the diversion of about 6,900 tonnes of plastics, metals, inks and toners from landfill.
Since 2003, Planet Ark has successfully worked with it’s participating manufacturers, Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta and Lexmark, who have acted collectively to ensure responsible recycling of their printer cartridges. The ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ recycling program is free, easy, independently audited, and coordinated through a network of over 30,000 locations nationwide.
“Key to the success of program has been the close, and effective partnerships between responsible manufacturers, retail and workplace collection points and the general public,” says Janet Sparrow, Planet Ark’s Recycling Programs Manager.
Printer cartridges collected through ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ are either returned to their original manufacturer for reuse, or recycled into new products by Planet Ark’s resource recovery partner Close the Loop.
Other producer-run recycling schemes for electronics in Australia include the Mobile Muster program for mobile phones, the Century Yuasa network for car batteries, and the handheld battery recycling programs now offered by a variety of organisations.

Businesses and workplaces that use 3 or more cartridges per month may be eligible to participate FREE in 'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark'. For more information, please visit http://cartridges.planetark.org.

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