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Greenworks Newsletter

November 2012


Test Your Recycling Knowledge

Australian Recycling History

Food Scrap Recycling

A Christmas Present for You


Business Recycling

Keep old phones out of landfill...

Welcome to the National Recycling Week special edition of GreenWorks. Recycling Week runs for the 12th - 18th November. Planet Ark's GreenWorks is designed to connect you with innovation, ideas and proven strategies to make your workplace more sustainable. We'll focus on finding and sharing ways to help you, your colleagues and your customers take action.

Put Your Recycling Knowledge To The Test

Test your recycling know-how against some the most common recycling questions and be in the running to win one of five green gift packs, each worth over $100! You can either do it on Facebook or through our website, then challenge your colleagues to take the quiz too. And if you haven't already done so, why not arrange a Friday File Fling for your office?

Second Nature - Recycling In Australia

If you are like 90% of Australians, recycling the aluminium cans and milk cartons at home is now second nature. But how does that compare in the workplace? Why are some materials recycled and others not? What's happening with e-waste and battery recycling? The Second Nature Report answers these and many other questions. Find out more...

Food Scrap Recycling at Work: Brought to You by Costa!

Every year Australians throws away an estimated three million tons (or $5.2 billion) of food, wasting the resources used to harvest, transport, process and distribute this food. However, there's much we can do while we're at work to reduce this staggering statistic. Find out more...

We've Got A Christmas Present For You

Businesses like Colonial First State and Officeworks and councils from Parramatta to East Fremantle have taken up Planet Ark's gift of a free, branded version of the popular 12 Do's of Christmas. The 12 Do's is a great tool to engage either colleagues or customers over the busy (and often wasteful) Christmas period. Find out more...

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