Industrial & Manufacturing

The industrial and manufacturing industry produces large amounts of waste products and many of these can be reused, or recycled. Common materials such as fly-ash can be used in concrete or pavement production. Plastics can be recycled into new products. Other materials like wood pallets can be reused or refurbished. Recycling or reusing these items prevents large volumes going to landfill. These services are provided by commercial recyclers who offer onsite and offsite solutions. 

Filter Cake

Filter cake is a by-product of filtration processes and is often rich in nutrients that can be recycled in a wide range of products and processes. This diverts valuable resources from landfill, reduces associated waste management costs and helps prevent environmental contamination.

Fly Ash

Fly ash is a by-product from coal combustion. It can be re-used in cement production and improves the durability and workability of concrete.

Foundry Sand

Large quantities of foundry sand can be diverted from landfill through recycling it as a substitute for freshly quarried sand in construction applications. This helps protect natural resources and avoid landfill costs.

Pallets - Plastic

Plastic pallets are stronger and more durable than wooden pallets. But they are made from non-renewable resources and should always be reused, repaired and then recycled to conserve natural resources and reduce plastic production.

Pallets - Wood

Most wood pallets can be reused, repaired, recycled or even used as a bio-fuel instead of going to landfill.Reusing the pallets saves trees, energy and diverts useable materials from landfill.

Plastic Scraps

Plastics are made from non-renewable resources such as oil, gas and coal. By recycling plastics scraps this conserves these natural resources, diverts non-biodegradable waste from landfill and enables the production of new plastic products.

Rubber Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts are the second largest rubber waste stream in Australia. Conveyor belts can be reconditioned, reused or recycled to recover both rubber and steel. Diverting these large waste items from landfill helps to reduce demand on petroleum and rubber manufacturing.

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