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Australian Packaging Covenant High Performer: Blackmores

Blackmores Logo © Claire Bell

At the 2016 Awards event Blackmores was awarded APC Signatory of the Year. The award recognises the outstanding contributions of Blackmores’ commitment towards achieving environmental sustainability across four APC categories. These include: packaging design and innovation, partner collaboration, employee engagement and recycling and reuse.

 Blackmores has been a high performing APC signatory for several years and led the way by continuously developing and improving sustainability outcomes across its operations.

Blackmores saved $68,500 per annum on waste disposal. 

Key Achievements

  • In 2015, Blackmores’ Closed Loop process has helped divert 3.3 tonnes of plastic, 56 tonnes of cardboard and 76,000 metres of tape per annum
  • The Closed Loop process has helped Blackmores save $68,500 on waste disposal per annum
  • In 2015, Blackmores increased the amount of waste diverted from landfill from 43% to 67%

Key Actions

  • In 2015, Blackmores was one of the first companies to display Planet Ark’s Australian Recycling Label on
    pack and used the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal to ensure disposal instructions were based on evidence 
  • Continuously reviewed and assessed its packaging use against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines
  • Introduced a tamper ring that is secured to the product to keep it from entering the waste stream and harming wildlifeInstalled a baler for plastics and a compactor for cardboard, provided an organic waste collection for food scraps and trained staff on waste reduction and recycling

“Our focus on sustainability is a defining part of who we are as an organisation. Maurice Blackmore, the pioneering naturopath and natural heath advocate who founded Blackmores in the 1930s, had views on recycling that were considered radical at the time. He understood that healthy people and a healthy planet are inextricably linked and we have a passionate and committed team who continue to build on this legacy.” Richard Henfrey, Blackmores Chief Operating Officer.

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