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Pulpmaster Australia Pty Ltd

7/11 Rayben Street, Glendenning, NSW

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Pulpmaster provides on site organic recycling machines to process organic waste into a pulp slurry which transfers to a sealed Pulpmaster Tank ready for collection.

Pulpmaster food waste recycling machine is most viable to businesses that generate commercial quantities of food waste eg Tafe and University Hospitality Teaching Colleges, Clubs, Nursing Homes, Fruit Markets, Corporate Canteens and Restaurants and Hotels.

The system is clean, efficient and effective at managing liquid and solid food waste streams and has processed over 3.5 million kilograms of food waste in field tests. Throughout the development of the system, there has been a strong focus on minimising water and power use for the processing of food waste.

The machine has been designed with full dual redundancy and meets a Category 3 safety rating. The machine has been designed to ensure that any operator can use the Pulpmaster 6000 easily and safely.

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Additional information: The process involves:
1. Installation of a Pulpmaster unit and holding tank
2. Food waste is emptied into the unit
3. Food waste converted to food pulp
4. Food waste stored in holding tank
5. Pulp is pumped out and transported
6. Food pulp processed into green energy or organic fertiliser


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Pulpmaster Australia Pty Ltd

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