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Australia closer to achieving a product stewardship scheme for TVs and Computers

Date: 23-Mar-11
Author: Zhi Yan

Until now, Australia has lacked a standardised national program that addresses the collection and recycling of manufactured products, including Computers and Electronics. Today, however, a big step was made towards rectifying this situation with the introduction of a Product Stewardship Bill into parliament.

If passed, the legislation will allow a broad range of products to be regulated over time, with the overall aim of reducing hazardous substances, avoiding and reducing waste, and increasing recycling and resource recovery.

Televisions and computers will be the first products to be covered under the legislation. The proposed scheme will require importers and manufacturers of TVs, computers and computer peripherals to fund and implement national collection and recycling of these products.

Brad Gray, Planet Ark’s Director of Campaigns, said, “We congratulate the government on introducing the Product Stewardship Bill.  It’s a great first step towards businesses taking responsibility for the materials they produce.”

“Electronics is the item that Planet Ark gets the most recycling queries about, so it’s great to see that TVs and computers are first off the rank.  Now we look forward to seeing the scheme rolled out as a model for other products.”

If this legislation is passed, TV and computer collection services will be progressively rolled out Australia-wide over five years.

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