Chemicals and Liquids

Safe chemical disposal options exist for a large range of everyday chemicals. Commercial recycling services are also available for those chemicals that can be reused such as motor oil.

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Many commonly used chemicals and liquids such as pesticides, paints and solvents, coolants and motor oil are toxic if not disposed of properly. In landfill, these chemicals can leach into the environment and waterways causing contamination. Safe chemical disposal options exist for a large range of everyday chemicals. Commercial recycling services are also available for those chemicals that can be reused such as motor oil.

Paintback is a cost-effective solution for households and trade painters to remove unwanted paint and packaging, providing 70 disposal locations nationally. This program is the first such national program in the world to be developed and voluntary run by the paint industry. More than a million litres of unwanted paint has been diverted from landfill in the first year. 
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Chemical Drums

Recycling or reconditioning chemical drums eliminates these large items form the waste stream and removes them from sites where they may cause contamination or safety issues.


Used radiator coolant is a hazardous waste and therefore should never be dumped into drains or onto the ground. Coolants can be recycled.

Farm Chemicals

Many farm chemicals can be hazardous to human and ecosystem health, making responsible disposal of unwanted chemicals a top priority.

Filter Cake

Filter cake is a by-product of filtration processes and is often rich in nutrients that can be recycled in a wide range of products and processes. This diverts valuable resources from landfill, reduces associated waste management costs and helps prevent environmental contamination.


Ink can contain a number of toxic metals and is a form hazardous liquid waste. Ink should never be disposed of in open drains or landfill but recycled or reused to lower waste disposal costs, maximise resource use and avoid environmental contamination.

Oil - Motor & Grease

Oil is a valuable resource that can be harmful to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. Although it gets dirty, used oil can be collected, cleaned and re-used again and again.

Oil Filters

Oil filters are classified as liquid waste and cannot be placed in landfill. Filters retain considerable amounts of oil which carries a number of toxins and can contaminate the soil and waterways. They should be recycled to recover oil and valuable metal.

Paint & Solvents

It is illegal to dispose of paints and solvents into open water, such as drains and gutters. They contain chemicals that can contaminate groundwater and endanger human health. They should be recycled for use in new solvents and paint products or safely disposed.


Pesticides are a hazardous waste stream and should never be emptied down sink or drain. Pesticides should be handled through safe disposal programs and the containers recycled to help avoid environmental contamination.

Pool Chemicals

Improper disposal of pool chemicals can have dangerous consequences such as fires and explosions. Pool chemical in landfill can also leach in to the environment and contaminate groundwater. Unwanted pool chemicals should always be sent for safe disposal.

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